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Providing Superior Health and Balance Through Precision Chiropractic Spinal Corrections


Needham Chiropractor | Chiropractor in Needham

The human spine serves two most important functions: Support of the head and body in the upright posture against the everpresent forces of gravity, as well as protection of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and portions of the peripheral nervous system (spinal nerves). The brain is housed and protected by the skull, brainstem and spinal cord passing through the foramen magnum, a  hole at the base of the skull,  into a canal formed by 24 moveable vertebrae, and 31 pair of spinal nerves, each consisting of millions of individual fibers that carry a continuous stream of vital, life sustaining messages to every organ, tissue and cell.  Because of the close proximity of these two most amazing structures, when one malfunctions, the other is often compromised.

My role as a chiropractor is first and foremost to identify and correct spinal misalignment patterns, known as vertebral subluxations, that exert negative influences on normal neurological function leading to acute or chronic pain and dysfunction (ie absent or altered function).  Secondly, in my role as teacher, my responsibilities to every patient  include sharing information regarding the care and maintenance of the human frame, including individualized instruction in home based, unassisted corrective trunk and spinal stabilization exercises designed to shift responsibility to the patient in maintaining progress and  'holding' the corrections achieved under care for as long as possible.

Our purpose, then, is to help sick people GET WELL and STAY WELL through our unique approach including specialized spinal corrections and rehabilitative exercise, as well as nutritional counseling and other lifestyle modifications.

We hope that you will find this site helpful in learning more about our unique approach to chiropractic care and the ways that it can relieve pain and suffering improve the quality of YOUR life.

DISCOVER SPECIFIC UPPER CERVICAL CHIROPRACTIC CARE, featuring precision, side posture, light force C1 corrections based upon scientific, 3 plane xray analysis.

Needham Chiropractor | Chiropractor in Needham
Proudly serving: Needham , Boston

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